Action Research : Importance and limitation

Action Research

Limitations of Action Research :

  • Limited generalizability: Findings may not be applicable to other contexts due to the specific focus.
  • Subjectivity: The researcher’s perspective can influence the research and interpretation of results.
  • Time-consuming: The cyclical nature can be time-intensive, requiring ongoing evaluation and adaptation.
  • Resistance to Change: Implementing changes based on action research findings may face opposition from stakeholders who prefer the current  situation or are doubtful of new approaches
  • Lack of knowledge: Practitioners may lack the research skills or knowledge needed to conduct effective action research, affecting the quality of the results and outcomes.
  • Ethical Considerations: It involves ethical concerns about authorized consent, confidentiality, and the possibility of unintended impacts from actions.

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Action Research : Importance and limitation
Action Research : Importance and limitation

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